Standby Service Provider

Our standby services can be tailored to your needs to assist in the resilience and continuity of your loan book should any disruptions take place.

  • What is a Standby Service Provider?

    As a Standby Service Provider, we will act as a third party that monitors the processes and procedures of your company. In particular around the lifecycle of your loan book so that in the scenario where a trigger event or a breakdown in a relationship occurs you can instruct us to step in and collect debt on your behalf.

  • On Boarding Process

    Once instructed we will conduct our due diligence over your systems and procedures covering several key areas such as Operations, Finance, IT, Collections, and Compliance. We will provide you with an initial report of our findings and a proposal on our recommendations of what will be monitored and regularly tested by us.

  • Regular Monitoring

    Once we are the Standby Service Provider of your portfolio, we will ensure we provide you with a selection of real time and ad hoc reports to give you the assurance that your portfolio is being monitored on a regular basis, and if applicable, we will manage an orderly transfer of your loan book.

  • A partnership

    We are here to help with the continuity of your business so that you can focus on your strategy and your customers. We have a dedicated team with open dialogues working in partnership to achieve a tailored approach to ensure that your funding lines are secured.

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    Our dedicated team have the experience to succeed in recovering both regulated and unregulated debt for companies of all sizes.

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    Our Corporate Debt Collection Service takes the process away from your business ensuring fair and satisfactory outcomes for all customers.

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